Ho Ho Holiday Cards are back. I love this time of year! I love designing warm wishes and peace and love greeting for my friends, clients and family and you too!


Contact me If you would to schedule your photo session which includes a card designed just for you or if you have a great photo I will whip up a magical design in my happy workshop!

Tis the season!





Katherine of The Habitat Factory and Paige of House of Ginger and I came together for a photo collaboration to showcase a line of quartz necklaces for The Habitat Factory. After a meeting we focused on a location and how Paige would style and wear the necklaces. A week later we gathered up armfuls of clothing, the Solana Kai Designs necklaces and headed up to Ojai.

The scene was a bit comical at moments; three girls in a biker bar trying to maneuver around bar patrons and get a good shot, but Paige hiked up her high-waist jeans, Katherine assembled her organization skills and I strapped on my camera and we did our best to make some Ojai magic.


Paige is looking beautiful in these simple white basic top and denim. Sometimes all you need to spice up the look is a leather jacket and a great accessory.



The necklaces were then paired with a late afternoon date look and cocktail attire jumpsuit (I love a jumpsuit). This gold necklace really pops off the black fabric and compliments the color of Paige’s hair.




Thank you Paige and Katherine for the photo shootin’ good time.

Visit the shop to view and buy the necklaces and the other awesome goods from The Habitat Factory.


We are back from our trip to Puerto Rico. Nothing less than amazing. A perfect mixture of adventure and relaxation and on a romantic, historical tropical island. Rick and I both agreed the bioluminescent adventure was the best part of the trip, if we had to pick. Kayaking at night across a cove, through a long mangrove canal (45 minutes long), very narrow and in complete darkness. It was like a scary real life version of the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. The canal then opens up to a bioluminescent bay, totally private, only lit by moonlight and glowing water. It was a Life of Pi moment.


Other highlights were driving two hours south to Ponce. Ponce is a small town and were Rick’s Grandpa is from. The drive was beautiful and we managed to navigate with our joint Spanish language skills. We visited a nearly 500-year-old coffee plantation, the Hacienda was in the middle of a tropical forest and we went on a tour and learned about the history of Puerto Rico and the family that own the land, the tropical forest (what plant not to touch), the weird animals and insects, and about coffee-making in the colonial time. We then went down the hill to the plaza square for lunch and a little strolling around the tiny streets.


We stayed the entire week at a fancy resort and took full advantage of the private coral cove and snorkled a few times, enjoyed the many choices of restaurants, gorgeous views from our room, and lots of Pina Coladas. It is pretty funny how you adapt to being on vacation. I am pretty much only a wine drinker and do not really drink fruity cocktails, but Rick and I had a small addiction. When in Puerto Rico…

Our resort was less than 5 miles away from Viejo San Juan. The beautiful Spanish Colonial architecture with its delicate features on doors and iron balconies, colorful walls and white trim, and arches I was in awe and with the blue cobblestone streets, especially when the sun would set and create a glow on the smooth surface or the look after it would rain (even though I nearly slipped a few times).

The quaint and bustling Old San Juan had me charmed. We strolled through a few visits to just walk around, see the fortresses and castles, eat, drink, shop and to enjoy the sunset at the Paseo de la Princesa. A must visit in the evening.


As much as I was sad to leave vacation time and the beauty, food, people, colors and weather. I missed my home, cooking, and working. Surprising how that happens.




Photos from my week: Special Elopement on a beautiful hillside for Gather West | A wedding in Paso Robles with a surprise gift to the bride.

Today’s Friday list is small fry. I am leaving today for a wedding and then on to our vacation in Puerto Rico. I have wanted to post some DIY home projects, recipes that I have thought up and fall crafts but that will just have to wait till this whirlwind of out-of-town wedding shoots slow down.

My Friday list this week is top things in no particular order that I will be doing on my vacation…

  1. Eat, drink and dance in old San Juan. We are definitely going to this authentic salsa restaurant and club.
  2. Soak up some sunshine with a couple of books. Although, I will be in Puerto Rico my love for Paris will always be with me with this book.
  3. Getting in touch with my love for Latin American art and culture at museums including this one.
  4. Unplugging. Wow. This one will be hard but I am looking forward to it. Having my business(es) means that only when I sleep do I unplug. However, this vacation was all about us relaxing and I will only check email once every other or day… I hope.
  5. Visiting the historical colonial landmarks of the over 400 year old city. Check out this stunning hotel. Drinks and lounging!
  6. Beach time! Lots of beach time. We have our fins and snorkel gear. I even had to subtract a few shoes from my luggage to make it work, but it will be worth it.
  7. Spending lots of quality time with my boo.

That is all she wrote as she has to hit the road. Have a great week friends!


Happy Friday! Today, I am in San Luis Obispo area to photograph a very private elopement on a beautiful hillside and then tomorrow a fun, ranch wedding in Paso Robles. Rick and I are both just so busy with work that we are counting down the days to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico will be unplugging and a lot of quality time together in paradise. 9 more days…


Images I have photographed this week: A photo shoot at a lovely store in Ojai | A breathtaking backdrop from a beautiful wedding at Apple Creek Ranch 

Friday’s List:

Wear: With the season change, I am looking forward to being able to photograph weddings wearing a sleek blazer like this ASOS beauty. We have had a few really hot wedding days and I am looking forward to my Oct to December weddings being a lot cooler. Oh and my favorite footwear for fall weddings is a pair of broken in boots. I am at my most comfortable in a pair of these type of shoes.

Watch:  Rick loves to watch movies, as  we all do, especially with popcorn. I am a fan of a trip to the theater but I think Rick loves it more. It is favorite type of date night. We are both looking forward to seeing this movie by the Coen brothers from the looks of it the cinematography and music is pretty outstanding.

Want: Monday I made my first batch of fall inspired soup. Soup is one of my favorite things to make. It is simple, full of veggies and nutrients, and last for a few days in our house. In the past, I had the habit of making soup once a week. When Wednesday rolled around this week and I did not have to make dinner again, just reheat and serve I realized I need to get back in the habit of soup making. This beauty is motivation and easy on the eyes.

Make: I have been on an apple kick and these GF apple pancakes look amazing

Blogland:  It is no surprise I love chandeliers. I dream of the day that I can hang one in my bedroom, living room and maybe even my bathroom. Okay, maybe just one. Design Sponge had a little feature on some swoon worthy chandeliers.

Happy Weekend!